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The Big Winners of Club Dice Casino!

October Winners
Oct-02 Roulette Live $55,000.00 CDR50**22 Jocelyn S Gold
Oct-02 Deuces Wild 4 Line $22,500.00 CDR48**72 Giovanni P Premier
Oct-02 Chinese Kitchen 8Line $10,000.00 CDR49**62 Therese D Silver
Oct-04 Slots $13,500.00 CDR48**52 Patrick C Gold
Oct-05 Blackjack $10,000.00 CDR12**92 Thomas G Club
Oct-10 Captains Treasure $10,500.00 CDR50**02 D V Silver
Oct-16 Ocean Princess $22,000.00 CDR48**72 Giovanni P Titanium
Oct-20 Aces And Faces 4 Line $10,000.00 CDR02**12 Manuel C Titanium
Oct-23 Blackjack $10,500.00 CDR48**72 Sylvia L Gold
Oct-25 Double Zero Roulette $17,500.00 CDR43**12 Duarte F Platinum
Oct-26 Highway Kings $11,000.00 CDR49**82 Elba C Titanium

Congratulations to Annegret S. (CDR24605422)
Thanks to our first deposit bonus (100%), Annegret won on her first day at Club Dice Casino, an amazing: $16,983.24 at the Carribean Poker!
She wrote: "thank you very much for the congratulations - and for the winning :)
.... I'm very proud to be a member of such a great casino :)"
Annegret is a new customer from Germany, so: Gl?ckw?nsche!! $320,449

Congratulations Ralph!
(CDR01392732) VIP Premier
Ralph R. won $320,449 at the Diamond Valley Progressive Jackpot.
He lives in New York, is 39, married with one child.

Congratulations to Kathy S.(CDR06770392)
She won $14,907 on November 20th, at Captains Treasure slot machine, and the next day, another $15,972 at the same machine!! That's $30,879 for Thanksgiving!

Congratulations to Gil!
On September 16th, Gil won Club Dice Casino tournament and received $2,000 bonus. With this bonus, he won $15,493 at Blackjack, and later on, the same day, another $5,000!! Congratulations Gil: you were elected Club Dice Casino's best Blackjack Player!

"Sonny was probably one of the happiest dogs in Texas on November 11th, when Sloane U. 'CDR07675982' hit the jackpot at Tropic Reels!! She wagered $125 and earned in a matter of seconds: $12,500 !!!"

Sarah (CDR03711402) is amazing at Slots!
Give her any slot machine and she'll hit a few jackpots!!
Example: On August 6th, she won in one gaming session.... $17,753!!!
That's not it... on august 11th, playing a wise combination of slot machines,
she won another $13,976 in one session! She is definitely our slot winner! Who can beat her???

Beth L. from California, won $15,175 on November 7th!!
Beth has been a loyal player at Club Dice Casino for months already.
Her lucky day? November 7th. Her Lucky game? MagicSlots 25c. She is now part of Club Dice Casino's winners family! We wish her good luck, and many other exciting moments at our slots machines!

Pat R from the U.S.A won $23,368.75 on November 18th, at the Joker Poker!!! Pat is a VIP Platinum member. She has been playing at Club Dice Casino for more than a year. We wish her many other lucky hands, and lots of fun in our casino!!!

Chuck M., won $18,638 in one week, from October 21 to October 26!!!
" I have played on at least a dozen or more online casinos, but I feel that Club Dice Casino is in a class by itself when it comes to real fun and fairness. I would recommend this site to anybody."

David S.
from the United States Won $50,000 in one lucky shot at the keno. We hope his dreams come true and we wish him many other thrilling moments.

Donato won $29,693 in just 5 days!!!! The first days of September were probably among the happiest days in Donato's life! He won, from the 5th of September to the 10th... $29,693. His favorite game is the video Poker
He is French, young, and now...RICH! And if he continues to win around
$30,000 every 5 days, he is about to become even richer!!! We wish him good luck, and we are proud to have this happy winner at our tables!

Maringo from the Netherlands: "Club Dice is a fantastic casino, with amazing graphics, lovely games and a great costumer-staff!! The best online casino I ever have played!! Winning $12,000 was real fabulous and I can use the money very well!! It was sensation all over my house on Sunday the 17 march 2002! Thanks Club Dice (and guys)."

Cynthia S. won our February Comp Points Tournament!

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