9, Jul 2020
How To Dominate the world of online rummy

The ancient household card game of India, Rummy is now also one of the most popular online games. Ideal to be played among friends and family, online rummy is now not merely a game just to pass the time. Online Indian Rummy allows the player to earn real money. The game is easy; fun-packed and comes with a daily healthy dose of challenges. Before the game made its transition to online platforms, it required the group of players to be available physically in one place. Now that it is available online, you can play it either with your friends’ circle or with strangers just from the comfort of your home. 

Playing an online game and earning money has been considered dangerous, and sometimes illegal in the past, in India. Many people are still skeptical of playing games online and earning money, as no one wants to deal with any kind of legal issues that might arise. What most people do not know is that it is completely legal and safe to play and earn money online by playing Indian rummy all over the country. Only five states in India have not yet legalized it, following the State Government regulations. 

Indian Rummy game has different types and variations. Some of the popular variations that many Indian online Rummy platforms offer are Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Pool Rummy. The game is played among 2 to 6 players and some of the variations of the game require only 3 minutes to play between two players. Online Indian Rummy is not only an engaging and exciting game, but it also helps your brain function faster, as you need to make your move in pure sequence quickly. Many also believe that Indian Rummy, apart from a fun card game, also tests and sharpens the player’s mathematics skills as it requires forming sequences and sets by melding all the cards in hand.

How to dominate the world of online rummy

Since Indian Rummy is a game that you play for fun and you can make money from it, it is extremely necessary that you know how to play the game only with the best possible moves to dominate it. Online Indian rummy card game requires patience, practice, and confidence. You would not just want to put your money in a game that you are not familiar with. If you do engage your money in a game that you have no idea how to play, it would leave you penniless. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can dominate the online game of rummy:

  1. Maximum Practice: To excel at anything, practice is the most important thing. To become an expert at Indian Rummy, continuous practice is the only way to dominate it. Whenever you have some free time in hand, play a game or two. Since the online Rummy games are accessible from mobiles and computer devices, it should not be a problem to practice, as long as you have a stable internet connection. Practicing your moves to making pure sequence quickly is the only way to master a game of Rummy.
  2. Observe your opponent: Keep a close eye on the moves and game-play of the opponents. Observe what cards your opponent picks or discards. This way you will get some idea of what should be your next move, what cards you could keep or drop. Always keep your middle cards, as there is a higher chance of forming more combinations with those. Always get rid of high cards quickly. Discarding them early could save your game.
  3. Reassess your game: Revisiting and reassessing the games that you have played will allow you to learn your mistakes and not to repeat them in the future. Reassessing makes you learn quickly, make the required changes in your game plan, thus mastering it quickly. 
  4. Join Rummy Learning Groups: If you are playing the online rummy game just for fun, there is no need to learn it from a professional. However, if you are planning to earn some cash from playing, you can join Indian rummy learning groups. In these groups, you will find people who have the same interest as you. You could discuss your mistakes with them, and learn from them how to not repeat it. You could also share some tricks that you know so that all of you could learn and grow together.
  5. Trick your opponent: Tricking the opponents in card games are probably one of the oldest tricks to win a game. Be smart; discard the card you do not need. This will lead your opponent to discard a card that could help you make a set of three. If by any chance, you could memorize their cards, it could be a great advantage on your side. Hiding your moves while picking a card could also be of great advantage. Learn to keep track of your competition. Watch them, but do not let them read you. 

Benefits of playing Rummy 

On the surface, Indian Rummy might seem, like another online game, is time-consuming. There are certain benefits of playing Rummy:

Relaxing: After a long day, a game of Indian rummy with online friends is a great way to relax. It might test your math skills, but the game is not overbearing. The different variations of the game keep the player engaged. The game can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and different tournaments, game variants are available online 24 x 7. 

Improving your patience level: Since the game requires an insane amount of continuous attention, it automatically improves the patience of the player. To become an expert Indian Rummy player and dominate the game, it will require practice. The more one practice, the more they become familiar with the different arduous situations and how to handle it.  

New friendships: Since online rummy games have players from all around the world, it is a great way to meet new people and make friends. It is also helpful to learn new tricks and tips from your friends who are just as passionate about the game as you are. Learn from the experts on how to handle difficult situations and your mistakes. The online chat option in the game makes the interaction even easier.

Since most of the states have legalized playing rummy in India, this game can be a great way to spend your time playing a game you love while you are also making money. This also allows you to start a friendship with like-minded people or rekindle old friendships that you might not have been able to keep up with due to fast-paced life.