22, Oct 2021
Learn & Know About The Game Of Carrom In Detail

South Asian indoor gaming enthusiasts have welcomed carom with arms wide opened. Ever since its advent, it has seriously acquired prominence, and its popularity has recently increased with the introduction of the game of carrom on the Internet. Amongst all checkerboards, the game of carom wins in popularity over other games like chess, scrabble, and more! But how did it got introduced in the gaming universe? Learn more from the below-offered narrative.

An Introduction to the Origin of The Game of Carrom

The detailed origins of carrom are still unknown, although reports indicate that the game was launched in India initially. On the contrary, some even say that it was played by the maharajas. Whatever and however the introduction was, carom has been a really interesting wooden board game.

Even in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, Carom has already had resurgence in prominence, especially during the pandemic. Although the classic carom game can never be replaced by online platforms, it’s the pandemic that made fans go gaga over online carom games on Getmega. On this note, let’s learn the strategies of playing the game.

Things to Learn Before Playing The Game

Although it’s similar to billiards, but rather than multicolored balls, every player aims at hitting the wooden coins! These coins are better called the carrommen, and they are pointed to one of the four corner pockets. A total of nine black and nine white coins are there. And there’s one red coin that is known as the queen. The teams or players flip the coin to decide who goes first. And the player who strikes first is assigned the white coins. Both sides hope to sink the queen.

By flicking the striker (a larger disk made of material), players get to hit the carrommen. Strikers should get shot from the parallel lines and the red circles on the side of the player. As per the name, the striker should be struck. One should ensure that it should not be pushed. There are various techniques to strike it.

On the turn, every player attempts at using the striker to hit the carrommen into the four pockets. Every time the player sinks a carromman, he or she must strike again. If they fail to pocket the coin, the turn gets over.

The motto of the game of carrom is to sink the coins, whether white or black, before the other team or player. If the player sinks the red coin (queen), they should sink one of the own piece (i.e., white or black).

It’s known as “covering” the queen. And if the red coin gets pocketed and remains uncovered, it does not count. The queen has to get placed back in the center of the board. Once the red coin gets covered, the player or team that clears the board of the tiles wins first. And if the queen is not covered, the turn of the player ends. Again, the red coin gets returned to the board center. Just in case a player commits a foul (pocketing the striker), there will be a penalty. The player has to put of their carrommen (the coin) back on the center of the board.

Every carromman is worth a single point, and the queen is worth 3 points (these points cannot be claimed by a player once he or she reach 22 points). The one who pockets all carrommen first will win the game and gain points on the basis of the coins that the opponent leaves on the board. And when the payer who lost pocketed or covered the queen, it does not count towards the score. As a matter of fact, the games get played up to 8 boards or around 25 points.

Beginner’s Important Striking Tips

For beginners, it’s important to learn how to strike. Start by using the index finger, or the index finger-thumb combination. Remember to keep the nails short to enhance your techniques. It’s imperative to think about every piece as the clock. For this reason, hit one-piece straight and aim for six. This way, you will gradually improve your tip. Lastly, do not hit too hard. Always be gentle with your strike!